If you've ever said or thought any of the following things about your office...

We have tons of meetings, but nothing ever seems to get done around here.

Everything would be better if we could just get rid of you know who.

We communicate more by email than face to face these days.

...you're already spending more time than you should on unproductive group dynamics.

Teams that aren't working efficiently — whether due to office politics, employees who don't get along, or morale issues — lead to wasted time and money. Chances are, these are group issues and not issues tied directly to just one person’s actions or inactions. How a group interacts and handles such issues is what determines their productivity and effectiveness as a team.

All it takes is one step to start moving forward and begin creating effective groups. Imagine how it will feel to be...

"Working with groupforward raised my confidence to address issues ... and the payoff has been improved performance of my work group."

B. O'Hare, Manager, Methods Development and Evaluation
Arbitron, Inc.

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