Here's How to Leverage the Power of the Group

  • How to Move Your Group Forward – Starting with your group's strengths, we'll focus on building a solid foundation to face your most pressing challenges. We will identify and tap into your group's combined resources to leverage what you do well and build a process for addressing and resolving the issues that matter to you most. Whether you are a Board, a Board and CEO, or CEO and staff, this is the path to a successful and productive workplace.
  • How to Leverage Diverse Work Styles – Each of your employees has a different approach to work and a group is more powerful when it understands and takes advantage of these differences. We will start by identifying each person's work style and discover how each style is necessary to support your group's work. We will identify the critical areas (e.g. meetings, committees, task forces) in which your group can take advantage of its knowledge and use it to your company's best advantage.
  • How to Open Doors for Your New Leader – Give your new leaders, whether they are executives, managers or supervisors a jump start on getting to know their new groups. We provide an easy way to support your new leaders, whether newly hired or newly promoted, as they face the challenges of transition. We start with an introductory exercise that allows your new leader and the group to hit the ground running. We will surface expectations for communication and work styles and help the group understand how best to work with each other for the maximum return.

Giving Key Employees the Edge

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